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Check out our large variety of feature wallpaper designs that range from beautiful bricks to stunning calligraphy motifs. Feature wallpaper is designed to catch your eye and stand out from the crowd.

Not everyone can afford a painter and decorator, and if your room is outdated and in desperate need of some attention, decorating might be the last thing on your mind, especially hanging up wallpaper. However, instead of wallpapering an entire room why not paint three of the walls and wallpaper the forth, this is called a feature wall. A feature wall injects some life and colour into an otherwise boring and dull space.

Choosing what colour of feature wallpaper to go for can be difficult. Feature wallpaper comes in many colours including red, black, green, purple and silver. It all depends on your tastes, if you like a subtle look, choose a feature wall wallpaper which complements the other walls like silver or green. If you like a bit of drama, choose feature wallpaper with a bold colour such as red, black or purple.

Feature wallpaper is used in all sorts of rooms, from the dining room to the bedroom, and the kitchen to the living room. It is also sometimes used in hallways. In the living room, or lounge, and bedroom damask flock feature wallpaper is a popular choice. Feature wallpaper for kid’s bedrooms is a great idea; you could have a Disney feature wall or cars.

So visit 1ClickWallpapers for all your feature wallpaper needs, and if you need any ideas, simply browse through our website and within five minutes your brain will be overloaded with ideas. Prices for feature wallpaper vary, but our prices tend to be a little cheaper than other established stores such as B&Q.

Feature Wall

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